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Description of the Behavioral Core

The Behavioral Core provides staff, space and testing equipmentfor a wide range of behavioral assays in mice and rats. These tests are broadly applicable to the study of heritable and developmental disorders, sensorimotor disorders, psychiatric and affective syndromes, neuropathological and infectious diseases, aging and reproductive function.

Objectives and Resources

The Core aims to facilitate behavioral testing at every level. Some of our resources and services include:

• Dedicated space, software and apparatus (see tests)

• Expertise in design, analysis and publication

• Manuscript writing and dealing with reviews

• Maintain animal protocols and assist with user's protocols

• Training (staff, students and faculty)

• Assistance with grants

• Establish databases and baselines in commonly used strains

• Reference and information databases

• Model development

• Liaison with Animal Institute

• Other - breeding, general animal health

• Support for statistics and graphing programs (see Links)


Overview and Instructions

Contact the Behavioral Core Facility

Core Director

Dr. Maria Gulinello

Dept of Neuroscience

1410 Pelham Parkway S Kennedy 925

Bronx, NY 10461

718 430 4042

email Maria Gulinello


How to use the Behavioral Core Facility


• Have a valid animal use protocol

• Fill out a PI form Download or the Core User form Download

• Agree on the services and fees

• Fill out an animal list

• Transfer the animals to the Kennedy Center

• Book space in the sign-up calendar

• Get training if you are unfamiliar with the protocol or

Arrange for Core staff to do the testing

• Read the Core Policies